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Keep Girls in School


Every month, many girls in Nepal only have cloth for period protection and face the risk of missing school.


90% of women and girls in inaccessible rural places of far western Nepal use unhygienic cloth pads for menstrual management.
(S2HSP, 2016)


Only 28% of public schools in Nepal have separate toilet facilities for girls.
(UNICEF, 2015)


A study among 204 Nepalese adolescent girls showed that 89% of them experienced some form of restriction or exclusion during menstruation.
(WaterAid, 2009)


Most girls and women cannot afford sanitary pads, so they use unhygienic alternatives. This puts them at greater risk of infection during their periods.

School toilets are often ill-equipped to offer menstruating girls the privacy they need to adequately clean themselves, thus many skip classes during their periods. Over time, the girls fall behind in their studies and may end up dropping out of school completely.


You can help Nepalese girls to stay in school by contributing in any of the following ways:


Buy a pack of Whisper pads. For every pack purchased, a pack will be donated by P&G to needy girls in Nepal


Sponsor a Nepalese girl and journey with her in life. Provide her with daily basic needs and help keep her in school.



Donate to our menstrual health
project in Nepal



Help us empower adolescent girls in Nepal to take charge of their menstrual health.