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Suyog Chalise

Programme Coordinator
Nepal Innovation Lab
World Vision Nepal

A civil engineer by training, Suyog was inspired to work for the humanitarian and development sector after a college research trip to one of the most remote corners of Nepal. He is the Programme Coordinator of the Nepal Innovation Lab (or NLab for short) and works with a tight-knit team to design, test, prototype and scale new and original solutions for humanitarian and development challenges. Based in Lalitpur, the NLab was established in 2015 as part of World Vision Nepal’s response to the devastating Gorkha earthquake. Since then, it has grown to become an important collaborative space that provides access to tools, knowledge, networks, capital and markets for turning good ideas into inclusive and effective interventions that are, crucially, informed by the views and experience of the very people who have been affected by crises.

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Christy Davies

Executive Director

Lien Centre for Social Innovation

Christy is originally from the US and has made her home across four countries in the Asia-Pacific for 30 years. She has brought more than 25 years of experience across the private, public and social sectors to LCSI, which is hosted by Singapore Management University. LCSI catalyses innovative responses to social needs through applied research and capacity building in collaboration with the public, private and social sectors. Prior to joining LCSI, Christy founded Asia P3 Hub, a multi-sector partnership incubation hub hosted by World Vision International. Launched in Singapore in 2016, Asia P3 Hub tackles the effects of poverty by enabling partnerships to collectively create solutions which multiply resources and benefit vulnerable families and communities. Christy made the jump from corporate to humanitarian work with the United Nations Development Programme immediately following the Indian Ocean tsunami as a private sector partnership advisor. She has come to be an enthusiastic proponent of traditional and unconventional collaborations and “combinatorial innovation”, where each stakeholder brings to the table unique assets such as technical expertise, industry knowledge, human resources, networks, and financial resources. When combined together in new ways, this co-creation approach can yield innovations to solve entrenched problems for which existing solutions have been ineffective.

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Deepesh Paul Thakur

Director, Advocacy and External Engagement

World Vision Asia-Pacific Regional Office

Deepesh comes armed with a background in Business Studies and Human Rights, and has had 20 years of experience working in humanitarian and development settings. In his present role, he provides field offices in 17 countries with technical support and capacity building to maximise the effectiveness of their advocacy and external engagement programmes for child well-being, whether that be influencing government policies or catalysing behavioural change at the grassroots level. He also works with entities such as the South Asia Association of Regional Co-operation, ASEAN, and UN agencies to advocate children’s rights. Previously, Deepesh worked with World Vision Mongolia as Director for Public Engagement, and oversaw strategic efforts to influence government policies to promote the protection of children at risk of abuses such as child labour. He also worked with World Vision Nepal, where he managed and implemented development programmes in rural communities. What gets Deepesh out of bed every morning is the satisfaction of knowing that he is in a position to ensure that the voices of children and vulnerable communities are prioritised and not suppressed in community dialogues and policy discourse.

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Matthew Scott

Fragile Contexts Initiative
World Vision International

Matthew is based in Toronto and has a deep personal passion for ending poverty and violent conflict. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in the non-profit sector, including programming and campaigning on disability issues, disarmament, child rights, humanitarian affairs, religious freedom, and international peace and security. He has advocated local peacebuilding at the United Nations, World Bank, and European Union, and has worked directly with young peace-builders in Colombia, Kosovo, Palestine, Rwanda, Honduras, and the Philippines. He has carried out assignments in over 50 countries, with a particular focus on fragile states. Matthew has lived on every continent except Antarctica. Data management, non-profit strategy development, humanitarian relief and United Nations reform are among his specialities, and spreadsheets are one of his love languages.


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